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Launching a new product is a gradual, repeated process. It happens in pieces.

First it is launched as an idea, usually shared with friends and colleagues.  It is then “relaunched” soon after as designs, or even a functional prototype.  This prototype might be “launched” to a handful of customers, and based on feedback, the product might be “launched” again to more customers with better code and so forth.  Along the way, lessons are learned, errors in judgement and design are corrected; customers, acquired and lost.  All the while, you hack and hustle away trying to keep….moving….forward each day, in the hope that something useful, useable, and valuable will emerge soon enough.

That’s where Perfect Audience is today.  Over the last months, Jordan, Steve, Tony, Kiyoshi and I have been hard at work building a product we think fills an important niche in the customer acquisition world: a retargeting platform that any business, regardless of size or technical sophistication, can use and benefit from instantly.  Every person doing business on the web today can get more sales and conversions by retargeting their lost customers and bringing them back to convert.  Every business can benefit from using DATA to help their MARKETING.

And yet, most businesses today are NOT using these tools because they’re too much work to set up and also because there’s not enough understanding about the benefits.  How many great apps are losing out on early customers because it’s too expensive or too much of a bother to get on the phone with someone to get started?  How many small businesses are missing out on sales because they lack a “tech person” to hold their hand through the process?  How many businesses are unable to benefit from retargeting because they don’t have enough visitors to retarget?  These are problems we intend to tackle with Perfect Audience in the near term.  We have much grander plans for the future, plans that stir men’s blood, but those will be discussed another day.

This blog will serve as a log of changes and updates to the product.  When we push up new features, we’ll talk about it here.  While we hope this is useful for our customers, it will surely be just as useful for us, too, as a way to organize our thoughts and explain ourselves cogently.

If you don’t have a Perfect Audience account yet, you can sign up for one right here, install our code into a web site or app, and start a free trial campaign.  And if you have questions, take a tour, or go check out our thorough-yet-still-growing documentation to see how things work and what they do.

Thanks, to our customers, supporters, friends and family for your help so far.  Watch this space.

Scott Danielson

Scott is the Customer Success Manager at Perfect Audience. He holds a degree from Illinois State University and has over 10 years experience working in the customer service/tech support field.

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