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We’ve just deployed an upgrade to our geotargeting that lets you target users within multiple countries at once.  Before this, Perfect Audience geotargeting let advertisers target “U.S. & Canada”, All Countries, or a specific other country of their choosing.  Many customers felt this was pretty lame, and we agreed.  So today we’re happy to announce you can now target all countries, or add multiple countries to your targeting so you can retarget across an entire region, like North America or Western Europe.

This is a relatively small change, but it does allow for even more control and precision for Facebook and web retargeting campaigns.  If you have a campaign limited to just one country right now, you can now expand that targeting out to reaching users across more regions.

Enjoy and please keep the feedback coming!

Brad Flora

Brad Flora is co-founder and President of Perfect Audience. A former journalist, he started Perfect Audience to help make retargeting something that companies of all shapes and sizes can benefit from. He likes dill pickles and recently took first place in the Star Cup at 150cc in Mario Kart 64.

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