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So you want to tell your marketer and agency friends about Perfect Audience and would love for there to be some upside for you?  We hear you!

Today we’re officially launching the Perfect Audience referral program.  With this, every Perfect Audience customer who completes a free trial will receive a unique, personalized URL they can share on social media, publish on their blog, or even use in ad campaigns to drive traffic to Perfect Audience.  If anyone signs up within 30 days of visiting the site from your link, they will get a $70 free trial credit instead of the usual $60 free trial credit, and we will pay you 5% of what they spend in the 12 months post-free trial.

With this program, in addition to getting paid a share of spend, you’ll be able to offer the marketers you refer a better free trial than they can get from just signing up.  So there’s something in it for both parties.

You can access your referral dashboard inside your account from your Account Settings menu.

We’ve been testing the program over the last month or so and some of our testers have already referred several dozen customers.  We’re excited to see what the broader community can do with it!  Share your link with your followers on Twitter.  Share it on Facebook.  Send it to that agency friend of yours you see once a year at a conference.  Spread the word!

A few notes:

  1. The ins and outs of the program are explained in detail in our documentation.
  2. Payment is handled via Paypal and happens monthly for any month where your total balance exceeds $100.
  3. Self-referrals will not be counted.
  4. You referral dashboard will let you track how many sign-ups you’ve generated, whether or not those people have started a free trial, how much they are spending if they’re spending, and how much we owe you for your next payment.

To make things as easy as possible., we’ve included buttons to let you share your referral URL on Twitter, Facebook, and via E-mail in just one click.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out at support at

Happy referring!

Brad Flora

Brad Flora is co-founder and President of Perfect Audience. A former journalist, he started Perfect Audience to help make retargeting something that companies of all shapes and sizes can benefit from. He likes dill pickles and recently took first place in the Star Cup at 150cc in Mario Kart 64.

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