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The development team here at Perfect Audience has spent the last weeks making performance improvements across our platform. As a result, you will see faster page loads and a smoother application, particularly for those of you with high numbers of retargeting lists, ads, or campaigns.

Caching statistics

Instead of aggregating size information for retargeting lists on the fly, we are caching the information you care about most hourly and serving it to you instantaneously. Similarly, we are caching ad performance information to give you the critical statistics – impressions, clicks, CTR – with up to 70% less latency through most of the application. Because of these changes, you’ll see page load improvements in:

  • your retargeting lists manager
  • your ad manager
  • and every time you edit campaigns!

AJAX page loads

Those of you with many ads or retargeting lists in a campaign, or with a long and illustrious campaign change log will appreciate this one! We added AJAX page loading to the tables at the bottom of each of your campaign pages, so you can get to the key campaign settings information first while the rest – ad performance, list targeting and change log – fills in when you need it.

Relieving Database Strain

We’ve gotten leaner and meaner about how we query our databases. That means we’ve eliminated a lot of unnecessary database calls and rewritten others to make our platform run more smoothly. You’ll notice the improvements from these changes all over the application, especially in your campaign manager and when you are making or editing campaigns.

With all these improvements, you can now access the application faster than ever before. So go ahead and create those extra ads, retargeting lists and campaigns – we can handle it!

Tamara Alexander is a developer at Perfect Audience. She studied Mathematics and Engineering Management at Stanford University, and previously worked on researching NoSQL technologies in a Big Data R&D lab. She spends her free time creative writing and circuit training, and she loves the mod operator.

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