Retargeting Video Tutorial-rama: 3rd Party Setup Guides

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There’s a wonderful variety of solutions available for website and ecommerce hosting out there.  Setting up your own site or online store has become so easy that almost anyone can do it on their own. But when it comes to integrating tracking code for analytics or marketing, things can get tricky! One of my first… Read more »

New Feature: Set Conversion Attribution Rates for a more meaningful CPA

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CPA is often a key indicator for campaign performance, but without any adjustments, it can be inadequate in measuring how much your Perfect Audience campaigns assist with achieving your conversion goals. For this reason, we’re introducing the concept of Conversion Attribution Rates. You can now set a Conversion Attribution Rate for your Perfect Audience site’s… Read more »

New Feature: Invite Clients to your Perfect Audience Dashboard

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Today we released a new feature to make client reporting easier. We’ve added the ability to create read-only users on your team, giving your clients access to Perfect Audience campaign dashboards across your site without giving them the ability to make changes. This gives your clients insight into campaign performance without being overwhelmed with all… Read more »