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Need to send a report on your retargeting lists to your boss, client, agency, or co-worker?  It’s a snap now!

You’ll be happy to know that we’ve added reporting capability for your retargeting list size stats. The retargeting list size report covers that past 30 days of data, and you can retrieve it easily from the Retargeting List Manager. Just go Manage > Retargeting Lists and click on ‘Export Report’ right above your lists:

Screen Shot 2014-07-18 at 10.56.37 AM

You can export the report either as a CSV, or if you prefer to use our API, we have documentation on how to use the Segment Size Report.

We’re always trying to improve your retargeting experience, so we hope that you find this feature useful!


Tamara Alexander is a developer at Perfect Audience. She studied Mathematics and Engineering Management at Stanford University, and previously worked on researching NoSQL technologies in a Big Data R&D lab. She spends her free time creative writing and circuit training, and she loves the mod operator.

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