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Facebook recently released a powerful feature – a native call-to-action button for brand posts.  You might have seen it in your News Feed already.  Starting today it’s available to all Perfect Audience customers.



Many of our customers use call-to-action language in their copy because it is a key driver for clicks, and with the introduction of these buttons, you can improve your CTR without taking up any real estate in the actual copy, image, or text of your ad.

At the moment, Facebook supports the following call-to-action types:

  • Shop Now
  • Book Now
  • Learn More
  • Sign Up
  • Download

To create news feed ads: Log into your account and go to Manage > Create Ads. Click on the News Feed Ad tab or click on the Dynamic Product Ad tab and select the News Feed option.

Note that for Dynamic News Feed ads, the selected call-to-action button will appear for all product variations of the ad.

Happy Retargeting!


Tamara Alexander is a developer at Perfect Audience. She studied Mathematics and Engineering Management at Stanford University, and previously worked on researching NoSQL technologies in a Big Data R&D lab. She spends her free time creative writing and circuit training, and she loves the mod operator.

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