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We have a new way to help you view and share your campaign data! Check out Report Builder to get easy to analyze ad information, right in your inbox.

Report Builder lets you create, manage and schedule detailed reports about the performance of your Perfect Audience campaigns.

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Your Perfect Audience Dashboard is great for an overview of campaign performance, but sometimes you need to dig into the details and generate specific reports that can be sent to members of your team on a regular basis.

With Report Builder, you can set up a one time or recurring report that will update you on how campaigns are doing. Configure the report to only show the metrics that matter to you and filter the data that is important.

Need more information? Visit the knowledge base.

Try it out by logging in then clicking on the Reports link in the navigation bar.

Kris Corzine

I'm a Sr Product Manager at Perfect Audience, a Marin Software company. I like making sure things look good while going fast.

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