Passing revenue and order ID values with conversion events

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[Editor’s Note: To kick off the new year, Scott Danielson, Perfect Audience’s fearless Customer Success Manager, will be publishing a series of posts on campaign optimization aimed at helping you achieve true victory with your campaigns.  If you have suggestions for topics we should cover, send us a line at  Enjoy the first installment… Read more »

Retargeting Video Tutorial-rama: 3rd Party Setup Guides

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There’s a wonderful variety of solutions available for website and ecommerce hosting out there.  Setting up your own site or online store has become so easy that almost anyone can do it on their own. But when it comes to integrating tracking code for analytics or marketing, things can get tricky! One of my first… Read more »

Perfect Audience Teams Up with Goodsie to Make E-Commerce Integration Easier

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Good news for all of you Goodsie customers using Perfect Audience: We heard from multiple customers who were using Goodsie but weren’t able to integrate the Perfect Audience tag, so we did something about it. Goodsie now officially supports the Perfect Audience Site Tracking Tag. If you are an e-commerce company and you have created an… Read more »

3 easy ways to prepare your retargeting for the holidays

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Nearly half of all U.S. shoppers expect to shop online on either Black Friday or Cyber Monday, according to surveys from and Nielsen Company. Are your Perfect Audience retargeting campaigns prepared? We ran a pretty detailed breakdown for how to update your creatives, budgets, and retargeting lists last year around this time.  Check it… Read more »

Retargeting for Micropreneurs: How an online guitar teacher makes $13 for every $1 spent with Perfect Audience

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Editor’s note: Perfect Audience works with advertisers of all shapes and sizes, so we thought it’d be fun to take a look at how even the smallest business, in this case a one-man business (!) can see huge results using Perfect Audience’s easy ad retargeting tools.  Enjoy! Although Derek Bruce makes his living by creating,… Read more »

News Feed Retargeting Made Easy

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Last week we announced the release of our newest feature, News Feed Retargeting. Today, we’re happy to update that feature to make the setup process much simpler. Now, all you need to do is copy the URL of the Facebook Page you want to connect to Perfect Audience and paste it in your settings: No… Read more »