Holiday Retargeting 101 – Bid Up To Increase Your CPM During Peak Seasons

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With the Holiday shopping season quickly approaching, retargeting competition increases and overall CPMs rise. Accordingly, you’ll want to increase your CPM across all of your retargeting campaigns to ensure you’re bidding enough to stay in front of your potential customers. As a rule of thumb, we generally recommend advertisers increase their CPMs by 50-100% of… Read more »

Prevent Converted Users From Seeing Your Ads

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Happy Friday and welcome back to our Win at Retargeting blog series! Today I’ll be talking about a topic that customers ask me about quite frequently – excluding converted users from seeing your ads. You’ve got your campaign up and running, you’re tracking conversions, and you’re making sales. But how do you stop serving ads to… Read more »

Passing revenue and order ID values with conversion events

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[Editor’s Note: To kick off the new year, Scott Danielson, Perfect Audience’s fearless Customer Success Manager, will be publishing a series of posts on campaign optimization aimed at helping you achieve true victory with your campaigns.  If you have suggestions for topics we should cover, send us a line at  Enjoy the first installment… Read more »