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There’s a wonderful variety of solutions available for website and ecommerce hosting out there.  Setting up your own site or online store has become so easy that almost anyone can do it on their own. But when it comes to integrating tracking code for analytics or marketing, things can get tricky!

One of my first tasks after joining Perfect Audience was to build out a training page filled with videos to help our users get their accounts up and running. I soon learned that what we were missing were videos and documents teaching our customers how to install our tracking tag on various 3rd party sites. I’d like to feature some of these 3rd party installation videos today!


As we’ve mentioned previously, we’ve teamed up with Goodsie to make integrating Perfect Audience as simple as possible. This video will teach you to add your tag to your Goodsie store in less than 60 seconds.


SquareSpace offers their users a simple way to add custom tracking code to their pages. This video will show you how to get it done:


Adding your tag to your BigCommerce store can be a little tricky, as you need to edit the HTML of your store’s theme. But don’t fret! Watch this video and we’ll walk you through it.

Don’t see your 3rd party site listed? Email to and request a video! I promise you I’ll do my best to get them added for you.

You can also reach me at, or via Twitter @scottsupportpa.

I hope these videos are helpful!

Scott Danielson

Scott is the Customer Success Manager at Perfect Audience. He holds a degree from Illinois State University and has over 10 years experience working in the customer service/tech support field.

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CPA is often a key indicator for campaign performance, but without any adjustments, it can be inadequate in measuring how much your Perfect Audience campaigns assist with achieving your conversion goals.

For this reason, we’re introducing the concept of Conversion Attribution Rates. You can now set a Conversion Attribution Rate for your Perfect Audience site’s post-click and post-view conversions on your site setting’s page (under Manage > Site Settings). These percentages represent the value your company places on the ad view or ad click that precedes a customer converting on your site.


We use your Attribution Rate settings to calculate an adjusted CPA (aCPA), which you will now see in your Perfect Audience dashboard. As it takes into account how much your Perfect Audience campaigns are assisting with your conversions, the resulting aCPA is a much more meaningful indicator of your campaign performance.

Tamara Alexander is a developer at Perfect Audience. She studied Mathematics and Engineering Management at Stanford University, and previously worked on researching NoSQL technologies in a Big Data R&D lab. She spends her free time creative writing and circuit training, and she loves the mod operator.

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Today we released a new feature to make client reporting easier. We’ve added the ability to create read-only users on your team, giving your clients access to Perfect Audience campaign dashboards across your site without giving them the ability to make changes. This gives your clients insight into campaign performance without being overwhelmed with all of the campaign details we make available to regular users. Below is an example of the new feature in action.

You can access the Client feature under the “Manage” drop down:



Existing clients are listed, and new clients can be easily invited:

Once an invitation is accepted, your client will be able to see a minimal version of the dashboard across all campaigns associated with your site. You can invite any number of clients to each site.

One additional feature that is available only to Clients is the ability to email the entire team managing the site by clicking one button: “Email Account Team”.



We’ve released this new feature with minimal functionality, but would like your feedback on ways we can improve the experience for your clients. You can email us at

We look forward to your suggestions. Happy retargeting!

Brian Cary

Brian Cary is an engineer at Perfect Audience. He enjoys running, making fresh juice, playing musical instruments, and working on his photography portfolio in addition to building software for the web.

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Good news for all of you Goodsie customers using Perfect Audience:

We heard from multiple customers who were using Goodsie but weren’t able to integrate the Perfect Audience tag, so we did something about it. Goodsie now officially supports the Perfect Audience Site Tracking Tag. If you are an e-commerce company and you have created an online store with Goodsie, you can retarget visitors who haven’t converted on your site with Perfect Audience.

Perfect Audience is a self-service retargeting solution that helps you maximise sales and repeat customer engagement by retargeting lost shoppers on Facebook and premium web content. We offer both Facebook Newsfeed and Sidebar retargeting.

Getting started with Perfect Audience and Goodsie is easy as pie.

How To Get Started

1) Go to and start your free trial account. Copy the Perfect Audience Site ID from the “Site Tracking Tag” under “Manage.”



2) Log in to your Goodsie dashboard and find the Perfect Audience plugin by visiting the Global Navigation Menu and selecting “Plugins.”

Accessing the Plugins Section of Goodsie

3) Paste your Perfect Audience Site ID and you’re set!

Screen Shot 2013-12-03 at 3.01.17 PM

If you want to increase your sales and capture all those potential holiday shoppers, get started today!  Special thanks to the Goodsie team for getting this integration assembled!

Anita Avram

Anita Avram leads the partnerships team at Perfect Audience. She has a wealth of experience in partner management and online advertising, and previously worked on the North America Channel Sales organization at Google. In her free time, Anita enjoys running with her dog, socializing, and hosting events for the Young Professionals of San Francisco.

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Photo: Internet

Nearly half of all U.S. shoppers expect to shop online on either Black Friday or Cyber Monday, according to surveys from and Nielsen Company.

Are your Perfect Audience retargeting campaigns prepared?

We ran a pretty detailed breakdown for how to update your creatives, budgets, and retargeting lists last year around this time.  Check it out here!

Brad Flora

Brad Flora is co-founder and President of Perfect Audience. A former journalist, he started Perfect Audience to help make retargeting something that companies of all shapes and sizes can benefit from. He likes dill pickles and recently took first place in the Star Cup at 150cc in Mario Kart 64.

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Small but useful feature to announce today!

You can now update your “Company” info in Perfect Audience.  This is the information that appears on the e-mail invoices we send each week after our billing process.  Before now, we were using the data you entered from your first site to configure that.  Obviously this was a less than ideal situation.  Now you can set any name and address you like in your Company settings and have it appear on your invoices.

You can access the new feature by logging in and visiting

Brad Flora

Brad Flora is co-founder and President of Perfect Audience. A former journalist, he started Perfect Audience to help make retargeting something that companies of all shapes and sizes can benefit from. He likes dill pickles and recently took first place in the Star Cup at 150cc in Mario Kart 64.

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