BugHerd: How a startup saw a boost in paid subscriptions after changing their customer focus, but kept the core of their product the same

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At Perfect Audience, we’re fascinated by the evolutions young companies undergo as they find their footing. So, we’d thought we’d talk to several to hear their stories through the theme of customers: getting your first ones, finding your best ones, and using their feedback to move your product forward. Think you’ve got a great story… Read more »

New Javascript Tracking API: Fire retargeting segments and conversions using javascript events

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tl:dr; Perfect Audience users can now add users to audience segments and fire conversion goals using arbitrary javascript events. Read details in the docs here. Details: Segmenting users precisely and counting conversions accurately is a crucial part of successful retargeting campaigns.  If you’re not targeting the right people, your ads won’t perform.  If you’re not… Read more »

No little plans…

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Launching a new product is a gradual, repeated process. It happens in pieces. First it is launched as an idea, usually shared with friends and colleagues.  It is then “relaunched” soon after as designs, or even a functional prototype.  This prototype might be “launched” to a handful of customers, and based on feedback, the product… Read more »