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tl:dr; Perfect Audience users can now add users to audience segments and fire conversion goals using arbitrary javascript events.

Read details in the docs here.


Segmenting users precisely and counting conversions accurately is a crucial part of successful retargeting campaigns.  If you’re not targeting the right people, your ads won’t perform.  If you’re not counting the right user action as a conversion, your analytics won’t show accurate results.

Most Perfect Audience users are counting conversions and segments using the “URL Path” method.  When someone visits a URL within a given path, they get cookied.  When someone visits a URL within a specific path, that’s counted as a conversion.

This works for most use cases, but not all.  A number of our users don’t have specific “thank you” pages to use when counting conversions or they want to add a user to a segment based on some action they take within the page, like clicking a button, for example.

So today we’re announcing a flexible, simple javascript tracking API that will let you create segments and conversions that “listen” for a specific javascript event to be fired.  Developers can then adjust their code to fire those events using our _pa.track() function at the proper time.  The relevant segments and conversion goals will “hear” it and take action.

We’ve written up some detailed documention including examples in our docs section.  Read it here to get started.

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