The value of Facebook Retargeting explained in Rage Comic form

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Hi, folks!  This month we’re working hard to spread the word about the value of Facebook Retargeting with Perfect Audience.  We’re talking to journalists, bloggers, social media technorati, and more about how effective this new form of advertising is for companies of all sizes.  Today, enjoy this rage comic explaining the value proposition from the… Read more »

YCombinator-backed Perfect Audience launches fast and easy Facebook retargeting, raises $1.1m seed round

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Brands of all sizes can create Facebook retargeting campaigns in minutes to bring back lost customers and get more sales with Perfect Audience, a YCombinator-backed startup launching today. Retargeting is the most effective form of online advertising available today.  Serving your ads to lost web visitors as they visit sites across the web can deliver… Read more »

Perfect Audience campaign stats now update hourly, throughout the day

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Last night we pushed up a massive upgrade to Perfect Audience campaign stats. Your dashboard now updates continuously throughout the day, every hour, on the hour. This will let users make campaign decisions using up-to-the-hour information, which makes it a lot easier to optimize and improve on campaign performance, especially for users focused on direct… Read more »