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Brands of all sizes can create Facebook retargeting campaigns in minutes to bring back lost customers and get more sales with Perfect Audience, a YCombinator-backed startup launching today.

Retargeting is the most effective form of online advertising available today.  Serving your ads to lost web visitors as they visit sites across the web can deliver as much as 10x return on ad spend.  But some users are trickier to reach than others — Not everyone reads the blogs and mainstream news sites connected to current retargeting platforms. Perfect Audience solves this problem by offering marketers a fast, easy, and free-to-try way to retarget their users across Facebook’s recently launched Facebook Exchange.

Perfect Audience makes Facebook retargeting easy. Marketers can sign up, create Facebook retargeting campaigns in minutes and have their ads go live in hours, not days, without having to go through an enterprise sales process.  The platform, which also supports web retargeting across more than 100,000 sites, offers a 2-week free trial on your first campaign and requires no minimum spend.  Users place a tag on their site that cookies visitors, just like with web retargeting.  But instead of serving banner ads across web sites, advertisers serve Facebook ads to lost visitors on Facebook.

Perfect Audience has already signed up 250 advertisers including fast-growing companies like New Relic and Tagstand.   The company opened up its free trial just last week and is already signing up more than 30 advertisers a day.

Perfect Audience customers pay on a CPM basis.  Co-founder Brad Flora says advertisers are seeing CPMs on Facebook significantly lower than web CPMs and that the cost per click can be much lower.  According to Flora, one Perfect Audience customer typically pays $1.65 for clicks on Adwords and about $1 for clicks on the web retargeting campaigns they run with Perfect Audience.  A week ago they launched their first Facebook retargeting campaign and their cost per click is just $0.19.

“When you can bring back a lost customer for just $0.19, that’s creates real growth for a company,” Flora says.  “It doesn’t feel like advertising anymore.  It’s straight up customer acquisition.  This is something every business should be doing.”

Facebook retargeting has other advantages, Flora says.  On Facebook, your ads always appear above the fold so you don’t pay for below-the-fold impressions no one sees like on the web. Also, Facebook ads are radically easier to create than banner ads, which saves companies time, hassle, and money.

“With our Facebook retargeting, a company can write their ad copy, upload their logo and be done making creative in seconds.  Web retargeting delivers incredible ROI, but our users often have to spend weeks designing ads or hiring companies to create animated banners for them.  By using simple Facebook ads, Facebook retargeting removes all the creative friction from the process while delivering the same great retargeting ROI,” Flora says.

Perfect Audience, which has a five-man team based in Mountain View and Chicago, is also announcing a $1.1m seed round of funding from SVAngel, Start Fund, New World Ventures, YCombinator, The Knight Foundation, which awarded Flora a Knight News Challenge investment in 2010, and the ad experts at WGI Group.  Angels involved in the round include YCombinator partner Paul Buchheit, Stuart Larkins of the I2A Fund, Northwestern Business School lecturer Andrew Razeghi, ShopLocal founder Brian Hand, Lon Chow of Apex Venture Partners, and Kevin Willer, president of the Chicagoland Entrepreneurial Center.

Simplicity, low-prices and big ROI are the keys to making advertisers happy, Flora says.  “More and more companies are taking control of their ad spend and want self-service tools with beautiful dashboards, free trials, and detailed documentation.  That’s where our product comes from.”

Story Contact: Brad Flora, Perfect Audience Co-founder and President



Scott Danielson

Scott is the Customer Success Manager at Perfect Audience. He holds a degree from Illinois State University and has over 13 years experience working in the customer service/tech support field.

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