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Hi, folks,

When creating a new Facebook campaign, we want it to be easy as possible to get the image just right.  So as of today, when uploading a new Facebook ad in our campaign creator form, you’ll be able to crop the image however you like inside your browser right then and there.  If the image is already the perfect size, 99 pixels wide by 72 pixels high, the cropper tool will not appear.  With the image cropping tool advertisers will no longer have to track down photoshop to resize or crop images before uploading them to Perfect Audience.  Win!

Here’s a screenshot with an example:

This feature is available to users in Chrome and Firefox and we hope it makes it even easier to create great Facebook retargeting campaigns.

Let us know how you find it!

Scott Danielson

Scott is the Customer Success Manager at Perfect Audience. He holds a degree from Illinois State University and has over 10 years experience working in the customer service/tech support field.

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