How Teespring recovered from a 50% post-launch revenue crash by selling, not shipping

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What do you do when revenues fall 50% the month after a successful product launch? How do you fix THAT? This is the crisis the founders of Teespring found themselves in after launching publicly in April of this year. Teespring — founded by developers Walker Williams and Evan Stites-Clayton — lets users create crowd-funded T-shirt… Read more »

3 ways to prepare your retargeting for a $2b Cyber Monday

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The holiday season is upon us.  Consumers are on the prowl for gifts and are expected to spend as much as $2b on Cyber Monday alone according to reports. Is your retargeting ready? You do not want to miss out on these sales.  Every component of your marketing funnel can benefit from a holiday makeover,… Read more »

How Vidyard grew from 4k to 1mil views/day in 8 months & achieved a negative churn rate

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At Perfect Audience, we’re fascinated by the evolutions young companies undergo as they find their footing. So, we’d thought we’d talk to several to hear their stories on the theme of customers: getting your first ones, finding new ones, and using their feedback to move your product forward. Think you’ve got a great story to… Read more »

Perfect Audience gets fast: Dashboard and site tracking tag speed improvements

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Howdy, folks, We’ve made several major improvements to how dashboard stats are loaded and how our site tracking tag is hosted and structured to make life easier for advertisers.  Since launch, we’ve signed a great deal many more advertisers onto the platform which led to slowness on both fronts.  We’ve solved both issues. Accelerating the… Read more »