Geotargeting upgrade: Target multiple countries at once with your retargeting campaigns

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We’ve just deployed an upgrade to our geotargeting that lets you target users within multiple countries at once.  Before this, Perfect Audience geotargeting let advertisers target “U.S. & Canada”, All Countries, or a specific other country of their choosing.  Many customers felt this was pretty lame, and we agreed.  So today we’re happy to announce… Read more »

Referrals, with a human touch: How Software Advice overcame a broken business model to grow to 50 employees

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Don Fornes launched Software Advice–a free service that recommends the right software for buyers in industries from construction to retail–in 2005, after he noticed there was no lead gen service for the small and midsize software business market. Fornes started the company alone, but today he employs about 50 people, and his Austin-based business has… Read more »

Perfect Audience campaign optimization upgrades: 60% speed boost, ad stats EVERYWHERE

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Happy New Year, fearless retargeters! We’ve pushed up two updates that make it easier than ever to get more sales and bring back lost customers with Perfect Audience retargeting.  We are indebted, as always, to our customers for providing helpful feedback and suggestions.  If you have any suggestions or tips, send them our way at… Read more »