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Good news for all of you Goodsie customers using Perfect Audience:

We heard from multiple customers who were using Goodsie but weren’t able to integrate the Perfect Audience tag, so we did something about it. Goodsie now officially supports the Perfect Audience Site Tracking Tag. If you are an e-commerce company and you have created an online store with Goodsie, you can retarget visitors who haven’t converted on your site with Perfect Audience.

Perfect Audience is a self-service retargeting solution that helps you maximise sales and repeat customer engagement by retargeting lost shoppers on Facebook and premium web content. We offer both Facebook Newsfeed and Sidebar retargeting.

Getting started with Perfect Audience and Goodsie is easy as pie.

How To Get Started

1) Go to and start your free trial account. Copy the Perfect Audience Site ID from the “Site Tracking Tag” under “Manage.”



2) Log in to your Goodsie dashboard and find the Perfect Audience plugin by visiting the Global Navigation Menu and selecting “Plugins.”

Accessing the Plugins Section of Goodsie

3) Paste your Perfect Audience Site ID and you’re set!

Screen Shot 2013-12-03 at 3.01.17 PM

If you want to increase your sales and capture all those potential holiday shoppers, get started today!  Special thanks to the Goodsie team for getting this integration assembled!

Scott Danielson

Scott is the Customer Success Manager at Perfect Audience. He holds a degree from Illinois State University and has over 10 years experience working in the customer service/tech support field.

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