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Time to update your News Feed ads!

Facebook News Feed Retargeting has quickly grown from 0 to a very popular feature for Perfect Audience customers. Today it’s getting better as we launch “Large Format” news feed ads.  Up until today, advertisers have been about to create Page Post Link Ads with a 200px X 200px image.  Facebook recently added support for ads with a much larger image that spans the full width of the news feed, allowing for more engaging ads.  You can now create ads in the new format inside your Perfect Audience dashboard.  Here’s an example of one right here:

To create a post in the new style, click the “Create Ads” link in your “Manage” menu and select “News Feed Ad”.

Then choose the “Large-image post” option at the beginning of the form and create the ad.

The recommended image dimensions programmed into our cropping tool are 600px X 315px.

Important Note: While we send Facebook the ad content in the large style, it sometimes displays in the more traditional style with a square, 200×200 image thumbnail. Facebook displays sponsored news feed posts differently depending on the browser version being used by the viewer.

Enjoy the new feature. We look forward to hearing about the great results you see!

Scott Danielson

Scott is the Customer Success Manager at Perfect Audience. He holds a degree from Illinois State University and has over 10 years experience working in the customer service/tech support field.

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  • Tim Flint

    Do you know what the file size limits are on the new images?

  • Jonas Holmström

    Great news!

  • Brad Flora

    No filesize limits!

  • jordanskole

    Very good news! Do you happen to know how the clipping will occur if it gets shrunk down to 200×200?

  • Brad Flora

    Images smaller than the recommended size for the large format ads will result in the older format being created with the 200×200 image on the left.

  • jordanskole

    Ahh, I see. Thanks for the clarity!

  • Jay Wilner

    so what size should we make the large format image? exactly 600 x 315 px or larger?

  • Brian Cary

    Images that are exactly 600x315px are perfectly acceptable. However, if the image is greater than 600×315 then our image cropping tool will ensure the appropriate dimensions are submitted upon ad creation. It is worth nothing that you have control over the cropping dimensions within the tool itself.

  • Ralph

    Guys – with the new size, now my newsfeed ads are way outperforming the sidebar ads on FB. Awesome new feature guys congrats. Will be shooting a screen cap video and post this week. Ill send it to you guys. Thanks!

  • Brad Flora

    We look forward to it!

  • Ralph

    Hey Brad, at the risk of looking like a drive-by blog spammer LOL here’s the URL for our little case study, feel free to use it any way you want!

  • Vikas Rathee

    Does the page like button on right corner will be displayed on this ads, since i have a small image ads for new feed where like button is not visible(for my ads only).
    I can see that for other ads, like yours.
    Page :
    Website :

  • Brad Flora

    if you check the “embed post” preview in the FB power editor, you should be able to see the full size, large format ads as they will appear.

  • Vikas Rathee

    Brad, I was checking the preview there and i saw that like button was not there. Do you have any insight, why that’s not there? since i can see on many news feds ads the button is available. Or do i need to change any page level setting to make that visible?

  • Brad Flora

    Drop our support team a note at and they can help!