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We are proud to introduce Perfect Product Ads, dynamic personalized Facebook retargeting for retailers.

With Perfect Product Ads, retailers can turn their Google Product Feed into dynamic ads in the Facebook sidebar and News Feed. Over 50 retailers are using it already!

There is no cost to setting this up, no spend requirement, and you can update and edit your dynamic ads anytime you want.

1. How to start: Log into your account and follow the instructions under “Dynamic Retargeting Set Up” in the settings menu. (Click here to see exactly where to find it)

2. Video tutorial: Watch how to set up dynamic news feed ads.

3. Live webinar demo and free advice: Join us this week for a free, live demo of dynamic product retargeting. Sign up here.

We will be promoting this aggressively over the next week and rolling out regular improvements based on your suggestions. If you have suggestions or questions, reach us at or leave a comment below!

Read more about our announcement in Adotas and MediaPost.

Scott Danielson

Scott is the Customer Success Manager at Perfect Audience. He holds a degree from Illinois State University and has over 10 years experience working in the customer service/tech support field.

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