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Have you ever noticed a typo in your Facebook ad, or decided to use another image after pressing the “save” button?

Up until now, you would have to create a new ad in order for the typo to be fixed. If you wanted to swap out the old image for a new one, you would have to create a new ad, too.

We are happy to announce today that you can now edit your Facebook ads in Perfect Audience, without creating a new ad. Previously, only the name of the ad was editable after save. Now you can change any field in your right-hand side and news feed ads.

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The stats for your ad will continue to be updated after the edit. Please note that the engagements (such as comments and likes) will not be carried over to the updated ad, however.

We hope this update helps to improve your experience using Perfect Audience. Feel free to share your thoughts with us at or in the comments below.

Brian Cary

Brian Cary is an engineer at Perfect Audience. He enjoys running, making fresh juice, playing musical instruments, and working on his photography portfolio in addition to building software for the web.

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