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As of today, there is a new metric in your Perfect Audience dashboard called “Assisted Conversions”.

General conversion metrics about your visitors only tell part of the story. In reality, there are many steps a visitor might have taken before converting on your site. Assisted Conversions help give you better insight for how other campaigns may have also contributed to your final conversion. This once elusive insight is now available to help you make better decisions on your campaigns!

Example Scenario: Your visitor might have seen or clicked a Facebook News Feed Ad first and then clicked on a Web Ad to convert. With general standard conversion metrics, the Web Ad will get the credit for the final conversion. But, with Assisted Conversions in this scenario, your Facebook News Feed Ad would get an Assisted Conversion credit.

To see this metric, you’ll see a new column in your dashboard called ACONV. You can read more about this in our knowledgebase as well: Understanding Assisted Conversions

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Tony is the Director of Customer Success at Perfect Audience. Outside of helping advertisers on Perfect Audience make money on their retargeting campaigns, you can find Tony working on his car in his garage or touring competitive open gym volleyballs around the city of Chicago.

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