7 Most Effective Tactics for Your Ad Campaigns

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This week’s research looks at the most effective tactics for a programmatic advertising program.

The research study, The State of Programmatic Advertising, was a joint venture with Ascend2, a leading research company. The study was fielded in May 2020 and represents the opinions of 213 marketing professionals from businesses with up to 500 employees.

A powerful targeting solution is critical to the success of a programmatic advertising strategy. Audience targeting is considered the most effective tactic for a programmatic advertising program to a 72% majority of small and mid-size business marketers. Keyword targeting is also a tactic that 40% of those surveyed have experienced success with.

QUICK TIP from the research: Don’t overlook the success of retargeting. The average CTR for retargeting ads is 0.7% compared to 0.007% for display ads. Get more retargeting tips by downloading the Research Guide on Retargeting in 2020 – Key Insights to Help You Succeed.

Benefits and Impact of Regarteting

Perfect Audience is set-up to help follow the ROI and data to find and reach your best audience. If you wa

Why are businesses investing heavily in retargeting? Only about two percent of customers make a purchase their first time visiting a site—retargeting provides a way to get to the other 98% of visitors you’d otherwise miss out on.

Here are a few positive benefits that illustrate the impact of retargeting:

Higher brand lift

Four weeks after implementing a retargeting campaign, marketers found an average increase of 1046% in searches for branded terms. The performance was more than twice as effective as audience targeting without retargeting.

Improved click-through and conversion rates

Three out of five viewers notice and consider ads they’ve previously seen at another source (eMarketer). Retargeting has a click-through rate that’s 10 times higher than a typical ad (Wishpond). Visitors who are retargeted are also 43% more likely to convert than those who aren’t. (Criteo)

Better value for money than other advertising methods

91% of marketers who’ve used retargeting find it to perform same or better than search, email or display, (IAB) Perfect Audience is set-up to help you maximize the return from your retargeting. If you want to discuss your audience targeting, the Perfect Audience team is available to meet with you. Click here to schedule a meeting.

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Todd Lebo

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