7 Ways to Improve Your Email Marketing & Why You Should

Email marketing is a primary marketing tactic for most companies. Here are some current email research statistics that you should know and a few tips that you can implement in your email program.  

Why Email Still Matters

Email is Used a Lot (because it works)

Statista found that 293.6 billion emails were sent and received each day in 2019. Yes, that is right, 293.6 emails each day! The same study shows that email will grow to 347.3 sends per day by 2023. Email is relied on for personal and business communication, is an effective tool to engage your target audience, and will continue to grow as a channel for marketers.

Email has Impressive ROI

The DMA found that in 2019 companies ROI for email was $42. Building an email list (following privacy laws), developing an email strategy, and optimizing your program will result in a high ROI. The bottom line is that email is a tactic that every company needs to develop and optimize.

Tactics for Improvement

Ascend2 fielded the Email Marketing Effectiveness Report in January of 2020 and explored the best tactics for improving the effectiveness of email programs. The study found that marketing professionals are increasingly aware that delivering relevant and engaging content is essential to email marketing success. By a wide margin, marketers report that enhancing the user experience through better content and more personalization is the best approach for improving the effectiveness of email programs.  

Ecommerce Tip – Abandoned Cart Emails Work

Omnisend found that abandoned cart emails result in 69% more orders than a single email. Best practices for abandoned cart emails are:

  • Timing: faster is better. Send your email within a few hours and test to optimize the exact timing for your product.
  • Personalization: The more specific and personal you can get, the better.
  • Copywriting and Subject Line: Words matter. Spend time crafting your copy and then test versions of subject lines and copy.
  • Reduce friction in the order process: Pre-populate forms, show your guarantee, and include reviews to help the sales process.
  • Call-to-Action (CTA): Make your CTA clear (like Resume Your Order) and test your wording on the CTA.

Final Thoughts

Research shows that email works. High volume, high ROI, specific tactics that you can optimize to improve performance, and more. Take some time to develop a strategy to grow your email list, test your copy and design, test new tactics like personalization, and try new strategies like abandon cart emails.

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