May 7, 2018

Get Your Ads to the People Most Likely to Click with Facebook CPC Bidding

Some feature news: Cost-per-click (CPC) bid settings are now available for your Facebook retargeting campaigns in Perfect Audience.

Previously, our default setting was a CPM bid that served the largest number of impressions for the budget.  That option remains, plus you now have the option to be more precise in your Facebook retargeting campaigns and serve your ads to the people most likely to click.  You can set a maximum CPC so that you continue to maintain control of your budget.

Right now this is for Facebook campaigns only.  We will have CPC bidding available for Web display campaigns soon.

Want to try it out?  Instructions are right here.

Happy retargeting,

The Perfect Audience Team

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Max Stewart

Max Stewart is a Customer Success Manager at Perfect Audience with ten years experience in digital marketing. He is a die-hard Cubs fan and a very average guitar player.
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