November 19, 2014

Holiday Retargeting 101 – Bid Up To Increase Your CPM During Peak Seasons

With the Holiday shopping season quickly approaching, retargeting competition increases and overall CPMs rise. Accordingly, you’ll want to increase your CPM across all of your retargeting campaigns to ensure you’re bidding enough to stay in front of your potential customers. As a rule of thumb, we generally recommend advertisers increase their CPMs by 50-100% of their current average to maintain competitiveness during these times.

Adjusting CPMs in Perfect Audience is super simple. Click to edit any of your campaigns and dive into your settings. In Step 3, Campaign Details, you’ll see an option to set the Bid Type as Optimized Bidding or Manual Bidding. Select the Manual Bidding radial button and set your new CPM. Try testing different CPMs to find the right balance between reach and ROI.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our Customer Success Team: Happy Retargeting!

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Ryan Lavery

Ryan Lavery is the Display Manager at Perfect Audience. With over 10 years of Digital Marketing and Account Management experience, he has the perfect blend of customer support and marketing expertise. Besides keeping up with the ever evolving digital marketing landscape, he also enjoys cooking, exploring new places, sampling the latest craft brews, and chasing his misbehaved French Bulldog around the house.
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