How to Stop Killing Your Campaign: What We’ve Learned About Successful Campaigns at Perfect Audience

The goal of advertising is always the same; to drive business, sales, or conversions. You need conversions to make money. You need impressions to lead to conversions.

At Perfect Audience, we get a birds-eye view of online advertising. We are uniquely situated to see what is and what is not working for a variety of companies across several industries. That’s how we’ve been able to pinpoint the things that actually matter to your campaign’s success, as well as the things that don’t.

In the video below, Eric Stockton, General Manager of Perfect Audience, and Jalali Hartman, AI Lab Director, share the tactics they have seen get results time and time again.

View the slide deck:


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Kathleen Davis

Digital Marketing Coordinator - Perfect Audience: Kathleen is an enthusiastic marketer experienced in marketing automation, campaign management, and digital analytics. She's previously worked on direct mail campaigns, spear-headed lead generation efforts, and managed a team of interns at SharpSpring.
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