October 30, 2020

Email Strategy For Today: Integrating Email Into Your Marketing Plan

Remember when the world thought email was on its last leg…? 🙃 

Today we know more than ever just how effective email can be when done right. Jeanne Jennings, of Email Optimization Shop, and Todd Lebo, of Ascend2 Research, previously joined Eric Stockton, general manager of Perfect Audience, for a conversation around how email is used today and the best way to integrate it as a part of your marketing plan. 

Jeanne helps mid- to enterprise-level businesses optimize their email campaigns everyday. In this video, she shares with us the must-have insights she has gained from years in the industry. Whether you are already running a robust email program, or are just starting out, her tips are valuable take-aways you can use.

So, where do you start if you’re new to email?

List growth. Use your website to collect email and foster a relationship with your site visitors even before they become your customers! Jeanne explains more in the video below.

If you are already sending email, how can you supercharge those campaigns?

Use triggers and automation to increase efficiency, increase productivity, and get your time back! Plus, when you layer in other efforts (PPC, Retargeting, etc…) used in conjunction with your email campaigns, you amplify the impact of your offer/message and strengthen the consistency of your brand.

What happens after the email? How can you make every click count?

First, you need to take a look at where that click is sending the viewer. Does it match the email they were sent? To optimize the post-click experience your emails should be connected to personalized, relevant, dedicated landing pages. Post-click optimization refers to the process of ensuring that your post-click marketing (a dedicated landing page) has the same message as your pre-click components, whether that’s an ad or an email.

Secondly, attribution is INCREDIBLY important if you are going to do any kind of testing or reporting (which you definitely want to be doing). 📈  But, attribution can be tricky to master. Read up on it in Jeanne’s article Key Elements of a Realistic Attribution Model.

Pro Tip: Using the last click for attribution might be is easiest, but you may not be getting the whole story.

Watch the full conversation below!

Also, how to grow B2C email lists, increase open rates, and choose an email platform!

Our speakers got back together to answer some follow-up questions from the above webinar. Watch it below!

View the slides below ↓


Learn more about our speakers!

Jeanne Jennings, Founder & Chief Strategist at Email Optimization Shop

Jeanne is a recognized expert in the email marketing industry and a consultant who helps medium- to enterprise-sized organizations make their email marketing efforts more effective and more profitable. She is Founder and Chief Strategist at Email Optimization Shop, a boutique consultancy that optimizes bottom-line email marketing performance with strategic testing.

Todd Lebo, CEO and Partner of Ascend2

Todd uses the power of original research to discover what works in marketing and helps marketers apply those findings to marketing programs. He helped develop the Ascend2 Research-Based Marketing methodology, which is used by marketing technology firms and agencies to drive demand to their products and services.

Eric Stockton, General Manager of Perfect Audience

A pioneer and innovator in the areas of internet marketing, eCommerce, B2B demand generation, publishing, and online media, Eric has directly led $3MM+ ad budgets and $70M+ top-line sales organizations.

<a href="https://blog.perfectaudience.com/author/eric-stockton/" target="_self">Eric Stockton</a>

Eric Stockton

General Manager - Perfect Audience: A pioneer and innovator in the areas of internet marketing, eCommerce, lead generation, publishing, and online media, Eric has directly led $3MM+ ad budgets and $70M+ top-line sales organizations. Eric has been a keynote speaker at MarketingSherpa events, eCommerce Retail Executive Summit, Email Summit, B2B Demand Generation Summit, ContentBiz, and Affiliate Summit.
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