September 11, 2014

New Feature: Use Enhanced Lookback Window to Retarget Your Freshest Visitors

We are excited to announce that you can now set the lookback window for a list in a campaign down to the hour!

One scenario where this new functionality is extremely useful is when you want to only target a visitor during the first three hours after they visit your site. By placing a higher bid and only targeting your freshest visitors, you may see a lift in ad performance. Having this enhanced lookback window will be key for your Retargeting efforts during this upcoming holiday season (Black Friday, Thanksgiving, Christmas).

To use this feature today all you have to do is log into your account and click either the ‘Launch new campaign’ button or edit an existing campaign.

If you need a refresher on how optimizing lookback windows can help boost CTR and conversions,  check out this video or Knowledge Base article.

We hope this was helpful for you! If you have any questions about this new functionality, please let us know at

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Ryan Lavery

Ryan Lavery is the Display Manager at Perfect Audience. With over 10 years of Digital Marketing and Account Management experience, he has the perfect blend of customer support and marketing expertise. Besides keeping up with the ever evolving digital marketing landscape, he also enjoys cooking, exploring new places, sampling the latest craft brews, and chasing his misbehaved French Bulldog around the house.
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