November 7, 2018

How to Set Up Perfect Audience Retargeting Campaigns for Shopify in 15 Minutes

Hello Shopify users!

Perfect Audience has partnered with Shopify to make setting up tracking, ads, and campaigns for your Shopify store one smooth process. These few steps will have your retargeting campaigns up and running in no time.

Detailed setup instructions are here:

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Hello everyone thank you for joining us today for this webinar presentation from Perfect Audience and Shopify. My name is Max Stewart, I’m one of the customer success managers here at Perfect Audience. Today’s session is all about the new Perfect Audience and Shopify integration that allows Shopify merchants to quickly build and launch retargeting campaigns for their stores. These retargeting campaigns will show dynamic, product specific ads for your store when someone leaves your site without making a purchase. Through this highly effective form of advertising, you will encourage shoppers to return and purchase from you, increasing your sales volume. Here’s today’s agenda – we will introduce Perfect Audience, we’ll talk about what’s new with our Shopify integration, I’ll walk you through all the steps that you need to get started, I’ll demonstrate a first time sign up and then I’ll take questions at the end. It’s very quick and easy, why do companies use retargeting to advertise their stores?


One reason that advertisers of all types, but especially e-commerce advertisers choose to use retargeting is the fact that it gently encourages shoppers to take another look at something that interested them, no matter who are you, no matter what you sell worldwide. More than 90% of website visitors will leave without converting. That makes the remaining 10% that are a little further down your funnel a little closer to a purchase worth some ad spend to help convert them. Most users don’t convert on their first visit to a website. The more times someone comes back, the more chances you have to turn them into a customer. If you don’t show them any ads, they may wander off to a competitor and you might lose them for good. Of course, once they’ve converted and bought something from you, you don’t want to keep showing them ads for the same thing they just bought, especially for something someone usually buys one at a time, you know, like a kitchen appliance, a blender or something like that. You can turn off your ads for your converted users, but you don’t need to turn them off forever. If they like your clothing or your jewelry, or your housewares or whatever it might be, they’ll likely want more in the future. This helps you build a long-term customer base.


Dynamic ads are ones that show the exact product that a person was looking at right there within the ad. This kind of specificity is huge for clicks and conversions. You would never show Los Angeles Lakers merchandise to a Boston Celtics fan, right? That ad will never get clicked. Furthermore, you’ll use multi-product ads to show several products at once to your shoppers. Show them a Lakers jersey and a hat and increase your order size. When you’re running campaigns with Perfect Audience, you will maintain control of your budgets at all times. You’ll have access to detailed reporting about your campaign metrics and you will see your return on ad spend clearly. Here are the six steps for existing Shopify merchants to sign up for Perfect Audience, you’re going to visit the Shopify app store and find Perfect Audience or you’re going to go to Once you’ve signed in for the first time, you’ll go to settings, e-commerce settings, you’ll connect your Shopify account on this page, you’ll upload your logo, you’ll install a special code that we give you to put into your Shopify checkout settings, and this will help us track sales that we can attribute to your ad campaigns.


You’ll automatically build your ads as we import your product feed and. you will launch your campaign. Let’s load up the demonstration and see exactly how it works. Sign up for an account at or through the Shopify app store, you’ll verify your email address and sign into your Perfect Audience dashboard. Once you’re there, you’ll go to settings, e-commerce settings, use this button to connect Shopify. You may need to log into your Shopify store if you’re not already logged in. This is the first step to connect Shopify to Perfect Audience. Next, you will need to upload your logo in JPEG, GIF, or PNG format. And no more than 150 kb in size. This will show you some of the ad previews. Now, as we’ve imported your product feed and we’ve attached your logo to your ads, you can see how it reacts to a hover over with the mouse, and that encourages action from the user who’s viewing. your ad. And now for the slightly technical bit that I mentioned earlier.


You see where it says install the conversion tracking tag, you’re going to need to paste some code into your Shopify store so we can track the sales that come from your ads. Click to show the instructions and the code. Click copy the tag to clipboard and you’ll copy it. Navigate over to your Shopify store, go to your checkout settings, scroll all the way down to additional scripts, paste the tag there and scroll to the bottom to save now. We’ll be able to track your conversions and display your return on investment in your dashboard.


Back to Perfect Audience, now, the next step is to create your ads and launch your campaign. So click that. You will enter a weekly budget number. Here, campaigns are prepaid and billed on a credit card. The only amount you will ever be charged by Perfect Audience is the budget for your campaigns. You can pause or stop a campaign or adjust your budget anytime you want to. I’m going to set the budget for this campaign at 250 per week when you’ve entered your credit card information, you will create your optimized campaign right here. And it’s launched. This will take your to an invoice page and you can click on your campaign name here to be taken to that campaign’s page. Your campaign will begin serving within about one hour, but your statistics will take up to eight hours to appear in your dashboard, so don’t worry if you launch and it shows zeros for the rest of the day. That’s totally normal. Your campaigns will also appear in your dashboard.


So let’s revisit the steps now that we know how it’s done. Sign up e-commerce settings, connect your Shopify, we pull in your product images, you upload your logo, you install the tag in your checkout settings, the platform builds your ads, and you launch your campaign.


Time for questions. Please enter any questions that you have into the question box in the webinar control panel. Okay not seeing any questions coming in, so that means everyone’s all set and I covered everything. You can view a recording of this and other webinars at We recommend you subscribe to our blog listed here. And you can email us at Thanks very much for attending today’s session. We hope you found it informative and we look forward to helping you reach your shoppers with retargeted ads. Have a great rest of your day!

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Max Stewart is a Customer Success Manager at Perfect Audience with ten years experience in digital marketing. He is a die-hard Cubs fan and a very average guitar player.
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