January 2, 2013

Perfect Audience campaign optimization upgrades: 60% speed boost, ad stats EVERYWHERE

Happy New Year, fearless retargeters!

We’ve pushed up two updates that make it easier than ever to get more sales and bring back lost customers with Perfect Audience retargeting.  We are indebted, as always, to our customers for providing helpful feedback and suggestions.  If you have any suggestions or tips, send them our way at support@perfectaudience.com or post them in our Feedback Forum.  We might follow up with a question or two to better understand what’s happening.

These two improvements aim at making campaign optimization easier and more effective.

1. The app now loads 60% faster

Next time you log in, it should feel significantly more responsive.  3 months since launch, our customers are using Perfect Audience in more and more sophisticated ways.  They are logging in daily to check reporting, update ads, or create new campaigns and retargeting lists.  This usage profile is a bit different from our standard  profile during the weeks after launch, which was more about creating free trial campaigns and checking their progress.  We now have several hundred customers actively engaging with our app.  People are loading a lot of pages each day!

And it felt slow.  And slow means bad things for any web app.

So over the holidays, we spent some time, optimizing our front end code, eliminating unnecessary image and script calls, culling unused CSS and HTML, and moving one-off styles out of our global templates and onto the pages where they’re actually used.

There was no rocket science here, just common sense “frontend 101.”  We were doing some pretty stupid stuff and now we’re doing a less of it.  There’s still room for improvement, but just fixing some basics helped a great deal, reducing our load time to about 40% of what it was a week ago according to WebSiteOptimization.com

Let us know how it handles.  If you’re a front-end guru with ideas for how to make the app even faster, let us know!

2. Ad stats are everywhere inside the dashboard

When you next log in, you will see ad stats have been added in three new places within the app:

A. The “Ad Manager” page

B. The Campaign “detail” page

C. The forms for creating and editing campaigns.

As more and more customers graduated from “trial customer” to “ongoing customer”, they wanted it to be easier to know which ads were performing better than others within their campaigns, and they wanted to have that data at their fingertips when creating new campaigns or editing existing ones.  Before this update, users were having to tab back and forth between different pages of the app to refresh their ads intelligently.  Now we’ve put this info all throughout the app, showing the trailing 30 days impression, click, and CTR stats for individual ads in the places where that info is most needed.


When we launched Perfect Audience in early October, we aimed to launch a MWP (Minimal Wonderful Product).  To us, that meant the app needed to be able to let marketers sign up, add a single smart tag to their site, upload some ads, create a campaign, and swipe their credit card.  We still have dozens of folk signing up each day and using the app in that way, but the people who stick around are growing quite numerous (hurray), and need some different things, which we’re delivering.

We’ve got a few more updates like this we’re working on for this month.  There’s still a few basic things that app doesn’t do that it should.  We’ll get there soon enough and let you know when we do.

Written from our lonely but lovely office because everyone’s still out staying with family this week, except me.

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Scott Danielson

Scott is the Customer Success Manager at Perfect Audience. He holds a degree from Illinois State University and has over 13 years experience working in the customer service/tech support field.
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