March 11, 2020

The #1 Marketing Technology Trend for Online Advertising: Retargeting

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Research Source: Agency Trends Survey, Ascend2

There is a myriad of marketing technologies available to marketing professionals that allow them to optimize programs. Technology for content, website, SEO, SEM, programmatic advertising, retargeting, video, webinars, email, social media, automation, personalization, data, AI, and more.

But what are the biggest marketing technology trends that agencies will be used for in 2020? A recent Ascend2 report found that Online Advertising/Retargeting tops the list at 59%.

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Why is online advertising/retargeting number one on the list? The first reason is that businesses often rely on agencies to fill in proficiency gaps when it comes to certain marketing tactics and trends. Befre online advertising was a thing, businesses relied on agencies to do all traditional advertising programs. Watch just one of the 92 episodes of Mad Men to appreciate the reliance on agencies for traditional advertising in the 60s and 70s. Then the 2000s ushered in a new wave of advertising – online advertising. When online advertising and retargeting evolved, agencies had the expertise, infrastructure, and technology to keep their customers.

The second reason is that the technology has not always been easy to use, so businesses relied on agencies to manage their online advertising and retargeting programs. The good news is that businesses now have options. You can use your agency or bring online advertising and retargeting in-house. The technology is easier to use (or at least some are easy to use) and the right technology allows you to reach a broad audience, optimize
performance, and maximize ROI.

If you want to bring online advertising and retargeting in-house, here are a few questions to ask when you are reviewing a technology platform:

  • Is the platform easy to use?
  • How long does it take to get up and running?
  • What is the reach of past visitors? (It should be 90%+ of the web)
  • If you don’t have a large audience, can the platform build a look-a-like audience?
  • Does the platform have a unified dashboard for campaigns on Google, Facebook, and all other sites?
  • How does the platform handle attribution?
  • How does the platform measure conversion and revenue tracking?
  • How does the platform provide customer support for users? Explain the level of support that you receive (chat, email, phone, online resources).
  • Does the platform create dynamic ads?
  • What eCommerce platforms can be integrated into
    the platform?
  • How does the platform optimize your advertising
  • Is there transparency on what domains ads are
  • Is there transparency in ad performance?
  • Is it easy to set-up a campaign?
  • Is it easy to test campaigns?
  • Is it easy to set-up reports?

Remember, retargeting is extremely effective if done right. Here is a case study of how American Apparel got a 400% increase in ROI on Facebook Retargeting.

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Take the time to ask the right questions and get the retargeting platform that meets your specific needs.

You can download the entire Agency Trends for 2020 for more insights to improve your marketing.

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