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Great leaders are willing to make tough decisions during challenging times. Leadership is knowing the right thing.

Content is the fuel needed for lead generation, lead nurturing, brand awareness, engagement, sales, thought leadership, and more. A survey fielded by Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs found the following organizational goals for B2B small business content marketing.

Number one on the list is lead generation and number two is brand awareness. Both lead generation and brand awareness are the primary objectives of programmatic advertising campaigns. But if you don’t have quality content to fuel your campaign, it will be a challenge to meet the goals you’ve set.

Each step of a marketing program is based on building trust with your audience. How does the content you produce help with building trust and what types of content are most trusted? Ascend2 fielded a Content Marketing Survey and found that research, case studies, photos, and infographics are a few of the most trusted content types.

When you create an amazing research report, case study, or infographic, you can use that content to build trust with your audience and as a result, you will improve your conversion rate. Here are some ideas to test with your next ad campaign. Try a test of an ad to download a free research report or case study. Or test a video ad? Maybe the video is based on a case study? You have a lot of options when you have the core content pieces in place.

To maximize the value of the content you create, make sure to use a core content piece (research report, case study, etc.) in as many content formats as possible. For example, one research report or case study can also be used to create an infographic, multiple blog posts, videos, webinars, email campaigns, etc. One core content piece should result in 10-15 content pieces. Plus, you can use your trusted content as part of your ad program.

If you want to discuss how to take your trusted content and build an ad campaign around that content, Perfect Audience has a wealth of data-driven recommendations for you. We will share with you what we are learning and help you apply those learnings to your specific situation. Click here to schedule a meeting.

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Todd Lebo

Partner & CMO - Ascend2: Todd uses the power of original research to discover what works in marketing and helps marketers apply those findings to marketing programs. He helped develop the Ascend2 Research-Based Marketing methodology, which is used by marketing technology firms and agencies to drive demand to their products and services.
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