February 4, 2019

Test Your Perfect Audience Site Tracking Tag with This Extension

If you’re looking for a fast and easy way to test Perfect Audience’s Site Tracking Tag and you’re a Chrome user, here’s a free new tool.

The Perfect Audience Tag Verifier is great for any Perfect Audience advertiser but especially those running dynamic product campaigns – this will make sure Perfect Audience is receiving the information it needs to run your ads accurately and smoothly.

What’s New

Our previous method required using Javascript console commands and only tested if the tag was firing or not. We upgraded and with one click this new Chrome extension checks for:

  • Our Site Tracking Tag to ensure it is loading properly
  • Audiences
  • Conversion Goals
    • Order ID for a conversion
    • Revenue Value for each conversion
  • Product ID for Dynamic Ads

When to Use The Extension

  • You’re new to Perfect Audience         
  • You were running regular web ads but now want to run dynamic campaigns
  • You built a new landing page
  • Debuting a new product
  • Built a new website entirely, or added a new client at your agency
  • Just want to double-check the tag

Pick it up today here and get the full instructions here.  Email Support@PerfectAudience.com if you have any questions.  New to Perfect Audience?  Grab your free trial here.

Happy retargeting!

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Max Stewart

Max Stewart is a Customer Success Manager at Perfect Audience with ten years experience in digital marketing. He is a die-hard Cubs fan and a very average guitar player.
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