Metrics That Matter Most in 2020 | Webinar

Measuring the impact of advertising campaigns is critical to optimizing a programmatic strategy. 

Return on Investment (ROI) and Return of Ad Spend (ROAS) are the most meaningful metrics for tracking success according to our recent research with Ascend2

In Metrics That Matter Most in 2020, our experts will walk through the top metrics marketers should pay attention to. 

Covered in this webinar:

  • What experts consider the most important metrics to track (backed by original research fielded in May 2020 by Perfect Audience and Ascend2)
  • How to build a strong analysis process that will give you the insight needed to reach your goals
  • How you can continually boost performance and lower your cost per acquisition by focusing on the right metrics/KPIs and cutting out the noise
  • Behind-the-scenes look at our research findings from content expert Kathryn Hawkins, founder of Eucalypt Media, who surveyed the advertisers in our study

Watch the recording!

View the slide deck:


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A.I. Lab

AI Lab Director - Perfect Audience: Serving as both AI Lab Director of Perfect Audience and CMO of Robauto, Jalali is a proven thought leader and engineer in the field of innovation and new technology. He is credited with creating breakthrough technology products, companies, and lasting IP in e-commerce, A/B testing, social media, and artificial intelligence.

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