Webinar Replay: How to Optimize Your Retargeting Performance

We had a great discussion on Thursday surrounding techniques to optimize your retargeting ads – and had some interesting questions and comments from our attendees!

If you missed out, check out the recording/deck below and reach out to support@perfectaudience.com with your own retargeting questions. We’ll be following up with another Q&A session on Monday, May 11th to answer them!

Get the slides here….

Follow-Up Webinar Q&A

Calculate How Long You Should Test Your Ads (as mentioned in the Q&A)

Find out more about how to manage your ads in our new ebook.

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Todd Lebo

Partner & CMO - Ascend2: Todd uses the power of original research to discover what works in marketing and helps marketers apply those findings to marketing programs. He helped develop the Ascend2 Research-Based Marketing methodology, which is used by marketing technology firms and agencies to drive demand to their products and services.
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