Webinar Replay: Retargeting Beyond Facebook and Google

With Facebook and Google, you can reach roughly half of your potential global audience—but how do you reach the other half? And how do you go beyond basic functionality to develop powerful retargeting sequences? Could you be converting more prospects with a lower CPA?

Our panelists answered these questions and got into the importance of owning your retargeting strategy in our roundtable on May 21st. Watch the recording below!

Get the slides here….



Follow-Up Q&A (5/26): Retargeting Beyond Facebook and Google

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Kathleen Davis

Digital Marketing Coordinator - Perfect Audience: Kathleen is an enthusiastic marketer experienced in marketing automation, campaign management, and digital analytics. She's previously worked on direct mail campaigns, spear-headed lead generation efforts, and managed a team of interns at SharpSpring.
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