September 10, 2018

What’s New With Perfect Audience?

We’ve been busy at Perfect Audience working on new features for you! Check out some of our major product releases in 2018. Each of these features will help expand the reach of your campaigns and/or improve performance.

What’s New in Perfect Audience

New Facebook placements – Perfect Audience now supports Marketplace and Messenger ads in Facebook. Use these new placements to reach more people with your Facebook retargeting campaigns. Learn more here.

Multi-Product Dynamic Ads – Showcase more of your product catalog with multi-product dynamic ads that use your product feed to show more items within your ad. Set up in minutes and increase your CTR and conversion rates. More information here.

Facebook CPC Bidding – Bid by CPC or CPM in your Perfect Audience campaigns for Facebook. As always, you’re in control of your budget at Perfect Audience. Learn how here.

Facebook Lookalike Audiences – Expand your audience reach with Lookalike Audiences and find more people who resemble your audience members. Facebook’s got the tools to create the audiences which you can then use in Perfect Audience to show ads to people who haven’t discovered your website yet. Create one here.

Instagram and Facebook Mobile – Get in front of some of the web’s most engaged buyers with Instagram ads. Instagram is part of Facebook so all you need to do is edit your placements to ensure your ads appear there. Here are some reasons to jump into Insta.

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