September 22, 2016

Why Mobile Retargeting Needs to be Part of Your Strategy

It’s official – mobile device use now accounts for 68% of digital media time, with 87% of people reporting that they have their smartphone at their side at all times.

Another eye-opening statistic: approximately 50% of everyone’s total digital time (desktop + mobile) is spent in mobile apps, whose use far exceeds that of mobile web browsing.  If you’re not engaging people on the apps where they spend half their online time, you are missing conversion opportunities.  If you are an app developer yourself, you’re probably aware of the sobering fact that the average mobile app loses 80% of its users within a month of them installing.

To combat this one-two punch of app churn and mobile device preference (addiction?), Perfect Audience offers feature-rich Mobile Retargeting to all our customers.  Perfect Audience Mobile Retargeting is a suite of powerful features designed for app developers looking to re-engage high value mobile users with in-app ads across the world’s greatest smartphone and tablet apps.  A quick look:

  • We let you segment and onboard mobile users you want to target.
  • We let you build in-app audiences seamlessly.
  • You can launch campaigns that connect you to the world’s best app inventory.
  • Perfect Audience provides cross-device retargeting so you can use web audiences to serve mobile ads.

With Perfect Audience Mobile Retargeting, advertisers re-engage those lost users where they spend their time: on their mobile devices.

Let’s check out the separate components of this solution:

Audience Type: Customer Audiences

These are audiences created by uploading lists of Device IDs (Apple IDFAs or Android Advertising IDs).  Customer audiences are designed for one-off use cases where you have a big batch of users you want to target with ads.  To create a Customer Audience, upload a .csv file containing the device IDs you’re interested in.  We process these within Perfect Audience and make them available as a new audience in two minutes.  Customer Audiences can be updated by making later data uploads into a list, but if you have a mobile audience that requires ongoing updating, use App Action Audiences.  Click here to view our guide on iOS tracking implementation.

Campaign Type: Mobile App Retargeting

Build campaigns targeting mobile app inventory.

Inventory: We’ve teamed up with the leading ad exchanges to put all the best mobile app ad impressions at your fingertips. You can serve ads on smartphones and tablets via MoPub, Nexage, Smaato, AppNexus, and Rubion.

Targeting Available: These campaigns can be targeted using App Action Audiences, Customer Audiences, as well as Web Audiences.  You can also target users by device OS (Apple, Android, Windows, Blackberry) and device Type (Tablet or Smartphone). Standard geotargeting and dayparting is available as always.

Ad Formats Supported: Mobile App Retargeting campaigns support two types of ads at launch:

  • mobile banners (320×50)
  • mobile interstitial ads (320×480 and 480×320)

Campaign Type: Cross-Device Retargeting

Follow them to their next device (United States Only).

Cross-device retargeting is the difference between losing someone’s interest when they switch to their mobile device, and having another chance to convert them.

Thousands of marketers have used Perfect Audience to build massive audiences of users who visited their websites.  We’ve developed a way to match web-based cookies to mobile device IDs so that these audiences can be used for mobile app advertising as well.  When you make a mobile app retargeting campaign in Perfect Audience, you will notice that your web audiences are available for targeting.  This is currently only available in the United States.

We’ve seen marketers boost their engagement with lost customers and drive more conversions through cross-device retargeting.  If you’ve got a large web audience, serve mobile ads to them across both iOS and Android devices.

Get Started Today

It’s easy to get started with mobile retargeting.  If you already have our tracking tag installed on your web site, try a cross-device campaign targeting visitors to your web site on mobile.  If you have an app already, export a list of lost user device IDs and upload that to create a Customer Audience you can target.  It should just take a few minutes.  Brand-new to Perfect Audience?  Start here.



Bringing seamless, transparent mobile retargeting to marketers has been a goal of Perfect Audience and our clients for some time.  We’re really excited to help app developers re-engage lost users just like we help marketers on desktop.  If you have any questions about these features, reach out on Twitter or write us at  We’d love to hear from you and help you get set up.

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Max Stewart

Max Stewart is a Customer Success Manager at Perfect Audience with ten years experience in digital marketing. He is a die-hard Cubs fan and a very average guitar player.
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